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takes you home


todo list / recent activitiy

music files

Lists music files

document files

Lists document files

image files

Lists photo files

movie files

Lists movie files

upload files-into category entry

Upload files associated with a category and an entry. (Good for photos and files with generic names)

view all files

Lists all files

upload files -not associated with a category

Upload files in your blob NOT associated with a category or an entry. (Good for music files only.)

Logs you out

view multiple files

Indicates that you have multple files assocatied with any one entry. Click it to view those files.

add new - update

Add a new entry to a category


Edit something


Remove from the home page


Open up to the home page


Delete from the system


Share something

create folder

Create Folder on D3sktop

file info

Get me more information, or options

Lists categories


shuffle music

Shuffles your music files

shuffle off

Indicates that song has been removed from Shuffle - click on the Shuffle icon when viewing music files to remove it.

Set or View Reminders

Set up or log in with a photo password (piclock)

Opens your dashboard for administrative tasks

secret directories

Secret Directories - Put information in here that you want double authentication to access � don't forget the piclock sequence, otherwise the directory will be lost! When you first access the directory it will appear as a new blank account.

brief explanation

by: blobn

To unlock the full potential of blobn we recommend using the chrome browser with the java plugin

The whales are for fun....

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