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do i use blobn?

Sharing more



Say you took some photos that you want to share with friends, but you want them to see the original high res versions, simply upload them to your blobn and share away.

Your Music more


Your Music

After you have downloaded your favorite mp3's from Amazon, upload them to your blobn account and you can play your music on any Internet enabled device that you want. (Work. Home. iPhone/Android)

File Management more


File Management

Scan all of your hard copies into blobn and have a centralized repository for all of these documents online.

Contact Info more


Contact Info

Think non linear. No need to enter in name address phone email etc ... All in. The same entry. Just create a subject category with that persons name and enter in the details when you need them. When you search for the info, blobn will always bring up the latest first.

To-do Lists more


To-do Lists

Enter an item todo and either keep it on your blobn desktop or file it away in your blob and set a reminder when you need to do it.

Random Ideas more


Random Ideas

Ever have a random idea and want to jot it down, but don't want to open up a document save it etc... Well just create a category "Random Thoughts" and you can update it on any device that you have - anywhere anytime.

A Report or Research Project more


A Report or Research Project

Create a category on blobn and insert any text notes, follow up questions, resource files, links etc... This will allow you to store this info in one area but you will be able to access and edit it from anywhere. Also you can save all of the various draft versions that you create.

Work Deliverables more


Work Deliverables

Keep all notes and files related to that deliverable under one category listing. Use the reminder feature to stay on top of specific dates and deadlines. Keep all of your contact persons related to that deliverable in the category as well. You can access all your information no matter where you are.

Medical Stuff more


Medical Stuff

Keep track of all of your doctors visits and any related medical files with blobn - after years - you will have more info than your doctor

Case/Client/Personal Contacts History more


Case/Client/Personal Contacts History

You can keep a history of exactly when you spoke to or saw someone. What was said. Notes from the meeting. And any files such as photos or documents related to that person.

Kids more



Jot down important contact info, holidays, need to bring a lunch next Wednesday? - set a reminder. Upload any school related items all in one place. - Easy to share with your significant other.

Back Ups more


Back Ups

Don't think of us as a "back-up" solution. We are more of a “file-interaction” site. Let's face it, back-up is boring and best served by a fast backup hard drive. (encrypted if storing sensitive files) However, when you put files online, you want to interact with them and share them. That is what we do.

Yes, your files are stored in a secure redundant environment, but they are vulnerable if someone gets your username and password. It is that simple. If they get it, they can delete it. This is why we do not recommend using blobn for a primary backup. Furthermore, try and upload 20Gigs of your files online, unless you are using fiber you will be old and gray before you get them up.

Upload files that you know you will need on the go, want to share, or don't feel like backing-up forever.

Take your time and build your blob over days, months, and years...

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