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nothing is 100% secure online.

Is blobn 100% safe? more


Is blobn 100% safe?

No. Computers can be hacked. Period.

How do we give our best efforts to get to as close to 100% safe as possible? more


How do we give our best efforts to get to as close to 100% safe as possible?

All of your communication is over https (after BETA test) which is the same safety measures that banks use.

Your data is stored in a facility that meets the physical hosting requirements for the PCI Data Security Standard.

Your files are stored in our partner's cloud which utilize the absolute best cutting edge security techniques for protecting your files.

We take other precautions to ensure web security and try and prevent unauthorized viewing of your data.

File Encryption more


File Encryption

We do not encrypt your files because we believe it gives users a false sense of security. If our servers are encrypting your files, then we would have access to the encryption key. This means that we would have access to your files, and the encryption would only be for show.

If a user truly wants to secure their files with encryption, you should encrypt the files before uploading them to blobn. Do not store the key on blobn, and if the encryption method is secure, and you keep the key safe, then your files should be safe.

We allow you to encrypt your files before sending them to us. You do not have to do this, but if you want to be "supersafe", we recommend it.

Password Theft more


Password Theft

if someone obtains your username and password, they can delete your files and data. If they can get it, they can delete it. We do not offer file recovery. For this reason, we recommend that you do not use blobn as a primary means of backing up data.

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