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no one.

Trust blobn? more


Trust blobn?

You shouldn't right away. You should let us earn your trust over a $2 trial period. We believe that trust is something built over time. We believe that a company should be judged by their actions and their service.

Consequently we feel that our reputation for trust and privacy will set us apart going forward.

Try us out and see what you like about us. If after a while you still do not trust us, then simply download all of your information and move on. However, we believe that we will exceed your expectations during the $2 trial.

What happens to my data if blobn goes away? more


What happens to my data if blobn goes away?

We have chosen to employ very conservative business practices as to how we maintain our financial stability. This conservative approach should allow us to operate indefinitely into the future.

Nonetheless, our operating structure will allow for all users to be notified during a reasonable notice period should we become insolvent and during this notice period, users may download their information and files.

Further, your files will be stored with who we base our entire business model on the fact that they will simply not just go away.

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